Tallahassee FL We are now a part of Ology Coffee Co.!
Tallahassee FL We are now a part of Ology Coffee Co.!

Our Core Value?

The core value of Journeyman Coffee, the one that ties all of our other values together, is…respect. As someone who has always chafed at rules and norms, who is often critical of the status quo, no one could be more surprised by this discovery than I am.

That being said, I have been turning around in my mind a few questions lately: what do we stand for? What are we trying to do in the world? What do we want to change and how?

One thing ties together all my answers: empowering staff, working toward a sustainable supply chain, both economically and environmentally, helping to build a stronger community.


Respect for the people who work with us, in the shop, the roasters we work with, all the way back to the growers, which drives us to represent all of these links in the chain as best we can. We are all in this together, and only by holding each other up can we all thrive.

Respect for the environment and the community, which drives us to strive for sustainability, and reach out to help strengthen our community.

Also, respect for our customers and the craft we take part in, which drives us to always improve our hospitality and service. Respect for the craft means always focusing on details and working to improve what we do. Respect for customers means meeting people where they are, and making people feel like individuals, not transactions.

We have a long way to go to do justice to these values, but we look forward to doing the work.